today was a momentous day



this year has generally been the year or realising stuff but



today in particular is quite a sentimental day because I actually got ready did my make and wore clothes I was pretty much comfortable in


as opposed to always hiding my body in frumpy and unflattering things


in slowly evolving and figuring out my style and becoming more and more comfortable with myself



I’m not there yet but I’m defo further than where I was a year and a half ago most defffffff



also went Baker Street to collect my lost property and realised that inshallah I wanna work in central like central is nice and u gotta dress up nice too love it



also my thirst for friendships wit just fun and free people is just like … Pls like universe pls dump some cool ppl on meeee plsdsss


displinary meetign was justbants tda lollll


decided noone deserves daily check insasmuch as i love mybrejrins


furher more can i plsmeetmore kindcarefreesouls plssssssssssssss


and also met a simon who took a liking to me and gave me his number, lol just lool


I just want to be PURSUEDDDDDD like genuinely sincerely like PURSUEDDDDD



I want someone to WANT me I mean like really WANT me


they might not necessiry get me or even know alot abou me but they’re intrigued


i want someone who won’t pullout no stops to get me

24/06/16 badgalriiriiiii!

Went tit he Rihanna concert


i dont usually ally suffer with religious gult

but when u deep it’s Ramadan

hijab garn




hsram chicken



like yo mad and concert like ya Allah I pray  please have mercy on my souls



looking around today I was so inspired by so many of the girls outfits , i jus can’t wait till I have my own style like yeah I also deeped how I prolly am doing and look (almost) like how I’ve always wanted to but yet I dno call it ugly duckling syndrome there’s still something in me that feels like I ain’t all that like I’m cool but yh its then I realised that it actually never matters what I look like or even how much I have there’s never gonna be a ‘I’ve arrived moment ‘ because the truth is I’ve already arrived



further more partying was exciting because it was new but I’m at the point where it kinda like .. Okay you and ….


And  to be truly honest I thrive more from personal connections .. I pray I meet more awesome sounds , and to push my self out like not fearing being myself because there’s no other me and that’s my talent<3


furthhermore as much as I’m cut off queen .. Truth is I need to repair my relationships with Fam all of them ..



And and the bottom like is ya Allah I pray for a love so sweet ya Allah I pray for a soul connection like no other , I just wanna be held tbh<3



More funny people in my life please lol



also found a lot about Dashmi today she’s truly special ❤ I pray Allah heals her heart

From any possible hardships or worries

So touchIng

The first time I had sex, I wasn’t a virgin


Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so deep /sensitive / compassionate / empathetic


i feel like my life would be easier but then I think … I dno the all what makes me. Me , I dno